Steve Carter

Steve is an award-winning Business Psychologist, well known for his expertise and innovative approaches with an impressive track record of creating cohesive leadership teams that transcend boundaries of function, geography, hierarchy and ownership. He is often the turn-to consultant leader for organisational culture and behaviour change initiatives. He led the leadership team recovery of Allied Irish Bank following the crash for which he was received a national award.  With a thought provoking and challenging style and a research capability he can get to the heart of the key issues faced. Steve is a natural coach and facilitator who can establish deep and insightful rapport.  His practical business sense, ability to quickly assimilate the challenges and character of a particular organisation and multicultural experience working worldwide has built huge credibility working with CEOs, Senior Teams and JVs. The majority of the leadership and project teams he has worked with have been multi-national and multi-cultural and he has supported rail clients such Hitachi Bombardier (in JV) and MTR for their the West Coast Partnership bid. Other clients include Scania (UK and Europe), Asahi, PwC, BAe, Janssen-Cilag AG, HSBC, GACA. The Economist and Mercedes.