Liane Hartley

Liane is an urban planner by profession. She has worked as a consultant and bid writer on the broad area of urban sustainability for over twenty years and is a recognised thought leader in creating socially sustainable and inclusive cities. Her work involves using planning, development, design and procurement processes to make more socially responsible decisions and help generate better socio-economic outcomes for a broad range of stakeholders. Liane’s specialisms include social sustainability, responsible procurement, urban anthropology, coaching and capacity building, place-making, stakeholder engagement, community planning, evaluation and assessment, social impact and social value assessment.

She has worked with a range of public and private sector clients on urban and infrastructure policy, stakeholder engagement, regeneration, corporate social responsibility (CSR), responsible procurement (RP) social sustainability and equality & diversity issues. Between 2011 and 2016 Liane worked on the largest single contract on Crossrail managing compliance with Crossrail’s full Responsible Procurement Framework to ensure targets and deliverables were met and exceeded in partnership with stakeholders and supply chains. Liane works with Train Operating Companies (TOCs) to bid for and mobilise major franchises and concessions. This includes writing and editing bid plans, mobilisation plans and embedding systems and processes.