Clive Hall

Clive is a long-standing rail professional of over 40 years’ experience who has specialized in all aspects of railway operations including “front line” management, train and possession planning, performance, control, and track access. During his career he has worked for British Rail, OPRAF, Network Rail, DfT and various TOCs/owning groups, mostly in the UK but also abroad, successfully managing both large teams and small groups.

Clive has key skills in railway operations and performance, in operating strategies, in project management and in train and access planning. He has been engaged in the preparation, contracting and analysis of track access rights, including making submissions and representations to the Rail Regulator. He has managed the engagement of parties and stakeholders where conflictions have arisen to reach an equitable best industry solution.

He has also led or provided key support for the operations and timetable teams for over 15 rail franchise bids, having excellent research, analytical and insight skills, both from data and in the field, evidencing support for change, highlighting risks and proposing solutions/mitigations. In addition to the operations specialization, Clive also has wide experience in customer facing roles, managing major stations, mobilisation, industrial relations, compliance, engineering requirements, safety, and advising private sector constructors bidding for Network Rail infrastructure work.